TRM 22/02/2024

$ 3.930,26

+$ 17,29

+0,44 %

Precios de Referencia FFP - 1/2023

$ 3.573

Indicadores Precios de Referencia FEP - 01/2024

IPML $3.520.242 - IPME $3.275.525

Precio de referencia FFP – 12/2023:

Precio de referencia del aceite de palma crudo para el cálculo de la cuota del Fondo de Fomento Palmero de acuerdo con la Resolución 0536 del 29 de diciembre expedida por el Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural.

Indicadores precios de referencia FEP – 01/2024

  1. IPML: Indicador precio paridad de importación de referencia para el aceite de palma crudo en el mercado local del mes de enero de 2024. (Resolución FEP 254/ 2024)
  2. IPME: Indicador precio paridad de exportación de referencia para el aceite de palma crudo en el mercado de exportación (Zona Centro – Mercado Europa) del mes de enero 2024. (Resolución FEP 254/ 2024)
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Oil palm in Colombia is unique and differentiated

Palm oil accompanies mankind far more than it can imagine. Households, offices, restaurants, even automobiles are hosts to its countless uses, which grow along with inventions, the concern for healthy food, the hectic modern lifestyle, and the options for its use in oleo-chemistry.

In the 15th century, after tasting palm oil in Africa, Venetian explorer Alvide ca Da’ Mosto said that “it has the aroma of violets, the taste of olives, and color that tints food just as saffron, but that is even more attractive.”

Palm Oil

The tropical red of crude palm oil is proof of its high content of carotene (vitamin A), which is seventeen times higher than that of carrots when comparing an equal weight. This makes it one of the best natural sources of these vital elements and, thus, an excellent alternative to fight the vitamin A deficiency suffered by people in many developing countries. Tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E fractions) are important nutrients found in palm oil.

Along with carotenes, they act as antioxidants to reduce the cell damage caused by toxic substances or the environmental pollution, which accelerate aging and the development of some diseases. Additionally, tocotrienols whose source par excellence is palm oil, are powerful anticarcinogenic and antithrombotic compounds.

Another unique characteristic of the “golden oil” as Asians call it is its perfect balance between saturated and unsaturated fats. Thanks to this, it has no negative impacts on the cholesterol levels of the consumers.

Even without knowing about its benefits, people in Africa have been using it as part of their diet for over five thousand years. Even today, as back then, palm oil is consumed raw and unrefined in several African countries.

Sustainable palm oil

Social impact of oil palm

Oil palm promotes economic and social development in the communities. As of 2018, oil palm was cultivated in 160 municipalities in 21 departments of the country, creating approximately 178 thousand jobs and benefiting thousands of families.

Zero deforestation commitment

The Colombian palm sector is committed to a deforestation-free development, preserving our biodiversity and in harmony with the natural riches of the palm growing regions.


Colombia is the largest producer of palm and palm kernel oils in America, and the fourth largest in the world.



It´s tropical location, weather conditions, fertile soil, and topographical diversity and climate zones make Colombia the perfect location for agricultural activity, including oil palm.


Colombian palm growers have one of the most robust and active trade associations in the agricultural sector, the National Federation of Oil Palm Growers, Fedepalma, whose actions have been decisive to consolidate the agribusiness in the country. Fedepalma is a corporate organization that identifies the needs and values of its members to respond to their interests and expectations. Its mission is to bring oil palm growers together, help them define their interests, and guide them in all aspects related to their activity.